The University of Kashmir has registered an exponential growth since its inception in 1948. In these last sixty years, the University has remained true to its mission statement which reads: To create intellectually stimulating environment, promote excellence in teaching, research and extension activities and facilitate academic freedom, diversity and harmony by upholding its legacy of academic excellence in teaching, training and research. Instrumental in bringing about the requisite transformation in the society, the varsity has evolved into an institution of relevance in a knowledge-based economy. The University believes in the pre-eminence of autonomous research so that it comes up with brainstorming ideas to pioneer radical innovations. The University, undoubtedly, has kept pace with the world at large and not lost sight of its primary purpose of offering programmes of scientific and technical education that conform to the employment requirements of both the corporate world and the industry.

In view of the changes that are rapidly unfolding in the Knowledge Society, the human capacity for innovation has perhaps never been more short-lived. The University lives up to this challenge through a highly ingenious and conscientious faculty engaged in creating new knowledge, new capacities, and new techniques of pedagogy for stakeholders in general and students in particular. In fact, the University has devised a mechanism that is not only environmental-driven but also supportive of flexible organizational designs, transformational leadership, user-friendly supporting and service systems, rich and integrative curriculum, and innovative and interactive teaching methods and instructions.

We invite you to visit our website and acquaint yourself with all the wonderful opportunities that await you once you join us as a student at the University of Kashmir.

Professor Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi